Top 7 Android Applications You Must Use

Top 7 Android Applications You Must Use

Top Android applications you must use

All of us now boast smartphones, but really what is it that makes a phone smart? It’s got a little something to do with the applications we are able to use. No matter whether it’s a gaming app or social media or video streamer or downloader, it’s these that bring our phone its smartness. What are the top 5 Android apps you ask? Well, we’ve compiled a list of essentials that you can refer to, to make your Android experience significant or preferably even better.



Most of you must have seen that one coming. WhatsApp is an Internet-based social networking app that allows you to send messages, videos and audios to individuals or groups. It also has the feature of WhatsApp calls; these are Internet-based calls which mean no matter the state or country your friend is in, and you’ll still be calling for free.

General ebooks reader

This app is no longer available on play store but can be downloaded from other file download sites. It’s an ebook reader with an impressive library of its own, and most readers do not support their own library, and you’re required to download your books from outside and import to the app. This reader, therefore, is definitely easier to use.


This is a video download app that works like a video search engine and downloader hybrid. When quarried it searches the net for links to download the video from and lists them. The user can then decide which link they plan to use. It also allows download of apk files like game files. With access to over 20 social networks by default and the ability to track your subscriptions through seamless integration technology, Vidmate is possibly the ultimate in video downloader’s across the world thanks to its versatility and ease of use.

Clean master


This app is a cleaner that is fast and effective. It has features to save battery as well as space, to cool down the phone CPU and to boost its speed. Another feature is app lock. All of which come free. Clean Master also has a widget to access from your desktop to clean up your PC with ease with the tap of a finger.

Screen dimmer

If you’re using the phone at night the glare can be pretty harsh on the eyes. This app reduces the glare by turning white light darker and saves battery. Combine this with the minimum brightness of your phone and you’ll have a night only super long lasting phone for all those chats with your lights off.



Shareit is (as the name suggests) an app to share data across devices, it allows you to share files, apps, and other data packets across a wifi and hotspot connection to make your Android experience one you can share with your friends.

Amazon Shopping App


The world of e-commerce is booming, and wherever you are in the world, there’s always a need to buy things to keep yourself running, make the process easier using the world’s number one fulfiller in product delivery and make your life easier with the Amazon Shopping App.

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