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techmobilizerPC gaming has evolved way beyond days of mario and pacman. Nowadays , gaming PC’s outperform gaming consoles in every aspect , be it visual quality , textures , processing power etc. 2015 saw the release of some of the best games . Below is our list of the top 10 gaming titles :


1.Grand Theft Auto 5 :

GTA V Trevor

Let me put it simply , GTA 5 is the best GTA game ever  made by Rockstar Games . The city of Los Santos looks much more living and realistic thanks to the increased number of cars and improved foliage effects . It also has a new director mode which allows you to make films from your probably crime-related adventures. There’s a story, there’s a fulsome online multiplayer mode and even co-op heists, but as a tool for generating fun—and as a place to exist in—GTA 5 shows Rockstar at the top of their game.

2. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate :

This series of Assassin’s Creed games don’t need a formal introduction. But however during the past two years , the series has not been doing so well. However , this game changes it all. The living world is the largest of any game I have ever seen. This game also inherits the classic parkouring and combat action the series is known for.

3. Batman Arkham Knight :

Bone crunching combat , empowering and diverse locales , batman arkham games always had a complex relationship between batman and the joker . However , this game serves a fitting finale to the legendary superhero series. Those divisive Batmobile bits and a few questionable side plots can’t detract from the brilliant resolution between the Dark Knight and his most dangerous, charismatic nemesis. Also to be noted , the PC version of this game looks stunningly gorgeous.

4.Rise of the Tomb Raider :

Everyone knows the famous lady explorer Lara Croft. She doesn’t need any introduction. The new Lara Croft returns after her adventure in Tomb Raider 2012 reboot. The environments look gorgeous , the levels are platformed at a good level of difficulty. Overall , the game is a perfect combination of action , adventure and cross-platform puzzles.

5.Fallout 4 :

This game to be nominated in the top 10 was obvious. Games with a high level of hype and excitement don’t go into waste pile. And the fact that it’s not number one probably reflects just how dauntingly huge it is. There’s so much to process, with many a gamer clocking up tens of hours and still feeling like they’ve only just got started. It’s a rich and dense world that will be still be offering up plenty of adventures in the new year and likely be the Game Of The Year for many then as well.

6.Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 :

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is a game aspiring to be a Hollywood Blockbuster. The latest instalment in COD franchise takes the series to a whole new level. However , the the two key characters from the previous black ops games are missing and the story line is revamped. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying it’s immersive game play and an excellent multi player.

7. Just Cause 3 :

Explosions , grappling hooks , gravity defying physics , action immersive storylines , that’s what the just cause games were about. But the latest instalment in the series , hmm , I don’t think so. Apart from the gorgeous looking environments and new gadgets , the game doesn’t have much to get hyped about.

8.Mortal Kombat X :

Attention parents ! Mortal Kombat is back ! Blood gore , bone crunching x-ray moves , violent fatalities , that is what Mortal Kombat X is about. This game has a fresh new set of characters apart from the old ones , who have been given new looks. The story line sways at some moments , but who plays Mortal Kombat for story lines ! Simply put , this is the best Mortal Kombat ever.

9.Mad Max :

Generally , movie based spin-offs aren’t successful , this one is  an exception. Max came to the PC in an open-world action RPG by Avalanche Studios, developers of the Just Cause series. In it, Max finds himself left for dead in the desert—and worse, his iconic Interceptor stolen—after a run-in with a hulking warlord named Scabrous Scrotus. Max quickly joins forces with a fawning, Quasimodo-like mechanic named Chumbucket who agrees to help Max build a new car so he may seek revenge and get his original wheels back.

10.Fifa 16 :

Reviewing FIFA 16 for PC is a tricky proposition.Nearly everything that was right and wrong on the field last year remains in FIFA 16. That means slightly floaty shooting, fiddly tackling, lots of wing play and many an unspectacular tap-in dribbling over the line. Of course, it also means an incredibly solid passing game, with emphasis on satisfying build up play and ferociously whipped in crosses. In other words, EA’s chart-topping juggernaut still plays a cracking game of football… for the most part.

Written by-Kvs Aditya

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