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Issue: You can’t download an app no matter how much you shout at your phone. Try this without the shouting:

1. Delete the cache of the Google Play app. If you still can’t download any apps, you can delete all of the Play store app data, but take note that Deleting the data will delete all the settings you’ve done.

2. If you’re still being plagued by this error even after deleting the Play store app data, you can remove your Google account, restart your phone, re-add the account and try again.

Issue: Interruptions during updates. The quick fix:

1. Tap Settings -> Apps -> All -> Google Play Store -> Clear Cache -> Clear Data.

2. Scroll to Download Manager -> Clear Cache -> Clear Data -> retry the update.

Issue: You can’t download an app because the Google Play store is currently receiving an update. The solution:

1. Patience. Wait a few minutes until the upgrade is complete and try again.[Depending on your internet speed it may take long time to upgrate.]

2. If the problem persists even after you were patient and let the upgrade do its thing, tap Settings -> Apps -> swipe to All -> Google Services -> Clear Data -> then force stop. Repeat the process for the Google Play app.

IssueYou’re having a problem downloading or updating apps from the Play store. You can solve this issue easily by following the steps below:

1. Delete your Google Play store data by going to Settings -> Apps -> All -> Google Play store -> Clear Data.

2. Delete data from Google Services Framework. Your device will be assigned a new Google ID, like if you performed a factory reset, and your apps might act up for a little while, but it won’t last long.Note: Google Services Framework and Google play Services are two different apps.

3. Remove your Google Account on your phone. You can do this by rebooting your device and re-adding your Google Account in Settings -> Account -> Add Account -> Google Account.

IssueYou can’t install an application because of the Davlik cache. You should be able to solve the issue by doing the following:

Tap Settings -> Apps -> swipe to All -> scroll down to Google services -> select Clear Data -> force stop. Do the same thing on the Google Play store app.

Issue: The download just isn’t happening, and you’re being told the request is “forbidden.” This usually happens when you try using two Google accounts to buy apps on the same device. There are four solutions you can try them all in following Order :

Solution 1. Go to the Google Play store using the device’s primary Google account. Uninstall the app that’s giving you trouble. Try downloading the app again and tapping the purchase button (if it’s not a free app).

Solution 2. Clear the proxy you might have set up by going into Settings, choosing Wireless Networks (or More), and tapping Mobile Networks. Tap Access Point Name (you may just see it displayed as APN), and tap the Clear Proxy option.

Solution 3. Try erasing your entire search history in the Play store by tapping the settings button and then tapping Clear Search History.

Solution 4. If all else fails, try creating a new Google account and using it for the Play store. Go to Google Play -> tap the menu button -> select accounts -> choose the new Google account you just created -> re-install the app.


Issue: The app you just downloaded won’t open. The app won’t open because you’ve run out of space on your phone. Here’s the solution:

Delete any unnecessary data on your device like large apps, music, videos, etc.


Check your phone memory, how much is free. You can transfer your apps to sd card through ‘apps2sd/app manager’ (free). Clear your cache and data now. For this, follow these steps:
1. Go to menu>settings
2. Go to Application and then press manage application.
3. Now select google play.
4. Then you have to click on clear cache.
5. After that come to the home screen.
6. Go to download manager.
7. Select clear data.
8. Once you clear the data the problem will resolved.


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