How to Live With a Limited Storage Smartphone(Say16gb)

16gb-tech mobilizerNowadays , smartphone is a necessity of our life. Unlike older days , when the smartphone used to have only 4-8 GB of storage , nowadays every low and mid range smartphone is having 16gb onboard storage and no sdcard slot. But due to the increasing number of media and games , even 16gb is very less. Today in this article , I will show you how to adjust and live with 16gb of onboard storage:

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1.Don’t Install  Too Many Games At Once

It’s easy to install the latest game or apps you hear about and just leave them installed. But this can use quite a bit of storage  modern smartphone games like asphalt 8,nova3 may use 1 GB or more of data each. Install just some of big games and your phone will be full. Rather than leaving a huge amount of games installed, just have a few installed at a time. You can always re-download them from the app store for free, even if you purchased them or keep them backed up in Otg pendrive if your phone supports Otg.

2.Stream Your Music Online

If you have large no. of songs in your phone remove them and try music streaming apps(subscription required) or Even if you don’t want to use a subscription service like Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music, you can upload your personal music collection to the cloud for free and stream it to your device whenever you have an Internet connection. For offline listening when you don’t have a connection, you can sync some of the music to your device using one of these apps or you can store some of your favorite music in device.

I will write a separate post on music streaming because it is huge topic to explain.

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3.Use online media backup apps

My favorite online media backup app is Google Photos BecauseGoogle Photos does a great job of this. It offers free, unlimited storage of your photos and videos with your Google account. It’s excellent even on iPhones, as Apple just offers a free 5 GB or all your photos, backups, and other data. Install the app, tell it to sync, and it can upload your photos to the cloud. Better yet, the recently added “free up device storage” feature allows the app to remove photos and videos from your device after uploading them. It’ll put them in your Google account — where you can access them from the app or a web browser — and get them off your device’s limited storage. GooglePhotos1-Techmobiizer GooglePhotos2-Techmobiizer GooglePhotos3-Techmobiizer GooglePhotos4-TechmobiizerGooglePhotos-Techmobiizer


4.Get an Otg Usb drive(Pen Drive)

It’s an excellent way to extend a phone’s storage.Otg drives are fairly cheap, and you can get buy a 16 GB one for around RS-250. These are much less expensive than paying for a phone with more integrated storage

Or you can buy an Otg cable and use it with your normal Pendrive(Usb Drive).

5.Do Regular Pc Sync

Transfer your downloaded data regularly to your pc so that you can use that data later.


Above all all mentioned methods you can adopt to live with a limited storage device say 16gb.If you are adopting any other methods please let us know.Comment your methods and suggestions in comment section below


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