iOS Vs Android: Choose Your Side


When you think about buying new smartphone two operating system comes in your mind,iOS and Android.Both iOS and Android have tough competition in smartphone market since their birth,2007 and 2008 respectively.Android is present across wider price brackets, and installed on various phones from variety of smartphone manufacturers Whereas iOS is being offered by Apple only and we all know Apple devices are costly.


Today we are comparing two best Operating systems so that you can choose best for you.Our comparison will be based on various aspects and after reading explanation of every aspect you will be choosing Android or iOS, so that after reading whole article you can choose best for yourself.


As we know iPhones(iOS Devices) are generally bundled with limited storage(16Gb,32Gb.64Gb,128Gb) and in Android you can add a Micro SD card to extend storage.As we all know it is very difficult to live with a limited storage device.So Android gets +1 in this aspect.

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Control of Notifications

Control of Notifications

In iPhone(iOS device) you can see a short summary of what’ happening today and access widgets that keep you up to date and then tap into Notifications Whereas in Android notification panel is not well managed although with 3rd party apps you can customize it but still we are talking about stock notification panel.So for better management of notifications iOS get +1 in this aspect.



Almost all popular apps are on both platforms.On Android many apps have more features and on iOS many top games and apps comes first.Also ui of iOS apps are better than android Whereas in android most of the apps are free and in iOS you have to pay for popular apps but iOS apps worth it because in Android developers account costs 25$ or 1654 Indian Rupee whereas iOs developers account costs 100$ or 6618 Indian Rupee.So there is tie(draw) between both OS in this Aspect.

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Updates are really important for better functioning of operating system.The newest iOS 9 update hit 50 percent of all iOS devices in just 4 days Whereas Android 5.0 aka Lollipop reached 21 percent android devices in 10 months.So in updates iOs is better the reason behind this is variety of android devices,there are numerous android from different makers so it is obvious that software update will take some time.And in many cases the smartphone vendor doesn’t provide updates so its not fault of Android.This decision totally depends on you.

Sharing of files

Sharing of files is easier in android because of many 3rd party apps(Shareit,Superbeam,Xender and many more) and some inbuilt too Whereas in iOS it is difficult to share files among other smartphones because of many limitations, but when your friends have iPhones sharing everything is a bit easier. For instance Sharing a photo, link or file is also simple with Airdrop.

So from my side Android gets +1 in this aspect also.

Resale Value

The iPhone holds better resale than an Android phone.When you sell an old iPhone, it is easy to find offers but in android you will not get good resale value may be because purchase rate of apple is more than many android devices but coming to our aspect iOs get more resale value.So iOS is winner in this aspect.


Almost everybody’s know the fact that you can customize Android to any extent.In Android we can customize home-screen as well as lock-screen not only this you can change fonts too.These are things you can do easily on Android smartphone with third party applications, without any heavy modification.Advanced users can root there android smartphone and change their Rom too which can totally change your smartphone’s Ui.But on iOS this type of customization is not available.Although you can to some customization but you have to jailbreak your iOS device(if you want we will post article about that just comment below)

So from my side Android gets +1 in this aspect also.

If you want to know more about android or iOS customization you can comment below anytime 🙂



With a Apple’s charging cable there is no wrong way to plug it in because there is no top or bottom for Apple’s cable. Micro USB cables which comes with almost all Android device force users to plug it in particular direction and angle.Some android devices comes around this with support for wireless charging, which is better than Apple’s charger , but there is still a Micro USB cable needed for some activities like transferring data charging your device in some conditions with power bank.

So from my side there is draw in charging.


All information stored in ios apps are encrypted.Among the advantages of Apple’s operating system, you have the fact that it is a closed system and, therefore, automatically secure. Apple has control over the job done by the app developers and the app store has special mechanisms to verify the tools, their origin, and features.So apple’s security is damm good, talking about android’s i can only say android is not secured as iOS.
So iOS clearly Win in this aspect.


So i have discussed and explained all possible aspects to compare Android and iOS.I personally love Android because of customization and price.Now its your turn to give your final vote to iOS or Android after reading all aspects.I am sure that now you will choose best for you.

Android Vs iOS:Choose Your Side!!!!

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