Google I/O Keynote 2017: Top Announcements

Google I/O 2017 at Mountain View (Shoreline Amphitheater)

Like every year, Google held its Google I/O 2017 Keynote yesterday i.e., 17th May 2017. For those who don’t know what is Google I/O, it is an Annual Developer Conference held by Google. In simple words, it is a kind of Tech Fair where Google announced various things for Developers as well as few things/insights for Consumers. This year too, Google has announced various things. Here are the top announcements from Google at the Google I/O 2017 Keynote.

  • Google Assistant is coming to iOS devices:

Now, Google Assistant not just remains only on Android Devices but also has made a way to Apples iOS device. The app goes live for everyone to download from pretty much today itself. The App would allow the users to do same things as Google Assistant does on Android. To all the singles out there, tell me how can you be single when you have got not one but two Personal Digital Assistants working for you. This is great news for iOS users announced at Google I/O 2017.

  • Google expands Virtual Reality by offering it to work Standalone:

Google is expanding beyond their Daydream VR which required you to strap your phone to the back to use the virtual reality systems. Now Google has said that it is partnering with VR Headset companies to make various VR Headsets like HTC and Lenovo. The Standalone VR headset is going to use Google Sense which is powered by Googles Tango Augmented Reality System. Right now there are no dates when they are about to launch, but we just have the official news that something is going to hit the markets for soon.So future Virtual reality is also announced at Google I/O 2017.



  • Android O Beta Preview for Nexus and Pixel Devices:

Google launched the First Android O Beta Preview for Pixel and Nexus Devices as they did earlier for Nougat Preview. This preview is only for the users who don’t mind the bugs as the build is still in beta state. If you are ready to be with the bugs in the Beta State, you can try out Android O Beta Preview in your Nexus or Pixel Devices, but do note that it won’t be stable as it is in the earlier development stage.

  • Googles New AI Chip Tensor

Google is on the point to work on the New AI Chip as the company believes AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the Future. This indeed beneficial for Google by taking into the hardware as well as software for their products which work on Artificial Intelligence like Google Photos and even Google Assistant and other products. The next generation Tensor Processing Unit is optimized with TPU and Tensor Flow.

  • Google Photos now dipped with more Artificial Intelligence:

Google Photos is getting some new additions, which even includes removing some parts to print which are not required from Shots which is to be seen in near future.But right now as we know Google Photos identifies Faces and Stores them, once you have some photos and it identifies other people, you would be prompt to share photos with them which is called as Suggested Sharing. What’s more is that as just backups are not enough, Google also printPhoto Books which are Albums and the base price start at 9.99$ which translates to 643 INR.

  • Google Assistant can now Analyze the World (Surroundings)

A new feature is coming to the Google Assistant, which is that it can now Analyze your surroundings using Google Lens Technology. If you point to anything, it would show you relevant content on the screen. It’s similar to what Samsung offered with its own Bixby Assistant.

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  • Smart Reply Feature in Gmail for Android and iOS:


Today, Google released an update for the Gmail App which brings a new feature named Smart Reply. This update is available for Android as well as iOS. Google claims that the Smart Reply feature accommodate about 12% of typical replies sent in Inbox. This similar feature was earlier noticed in Googles own Allo App. That App got the feature somewhere around last month.

  • Google redesigns Emoji for Android O:

Just like every time, every new version of Android means some new emoji for Android. But this time Google took it further by redesigning all each and every emoji. It’s the Emoji 5.0, which rely on Unicode 10.0. Not just the heads, but every emoji is redesigned. But if you ask me, I would still prefer the old Nougat Emoji which are more appealing to me. Have a look at the new emoji below. What do you think? Which emoji would you prefer?? Let us know in the comments.

  • Android GO

As a part to bring Android to each and every person, Google gave a sneak peek of the experience which Google is building specifically for Android Devices with 1 GB or less memory. They have optimized Android O to run smoothly, efficiently on entry level devices. On top of that, they are also redesigning Google Apps on Android GO to use less Space, Storage, and Mobile Data. Even, Google Play Store on Android GO will promote a better user experience by highlighting the Apps which are designed for these devices i.e apps designed to use less space, data, and memory. The Android Go Experience is expected to Ship in 2018 Devices, Announcmentsdevices running on 1GB or less Memory.

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What do you think about Announcements from Google at the Google I/O Keynote 2017?? Let us know in the comments below.


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