Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550kl Marshmallow Update Review

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550kl Marshmallow Update Review

Google has rolled out the Android marshmallow update back in October 2015, but as usual, the OEM’s took their time releasing their update schedule. Now this update is slowly arriving on Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550kl. As mentioned in the previous post, the update has been downloaded, and I’m about to review it.

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In the Official notification We Got:

ASUS system update

A new system update is provided to improve stability and would not clear any of your data. Download it now? WW_user_21.40.1220.1615_2016051 7 (1,047.28 MB)

1. Software update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Internal storage will decrease slightly after the update, suggest to back up data and relocate media file (pictures & video clip) to SD card to reserve enough storage before starting the software update.

2. Android Marshmallow won’t support APP2SD. Please move apps to internal storage before system upgrades.

3. Multi-user function won’t be supported if the account is deleted. Please keep your account to continue usage.

Download via mobile networks may incur an extra fee. To download the update file, use Wi-Fi to avoid additional charges. You can also download the update file via Update Checking in Settings. You will be able to use your device during the download process.

Precautions to take Before updating:

  1. Charge your Battery: Your battery level should be at least 50% to update your zenfone safely.
  2. If you have applied any theme, just remove that before installation.You should be on the stock theme to update safely.
  3. Do click boost button before installation.

So now you are ready to update your Zenfone 2 laser

Steps to install Marshmellow Asus Zenfone 2 laser :

1.Download update.

2.Follow precautions as mentioned above.

3.Click install update.

installation screen

So after the notification of Android Marshmallow update, I Downloaded it by following the precautions given above.When I started the installation process, my battery was at 45% so make sure that your battery is at at least 50%.During the installation process, first it took around two mins to power off the device then it rebooted with installation screen.Installation took around seven minutes, and my zenfone rebooted.Then I got “Android is upgrading” popup which took around 18 odd minutes.So my zenfone 2 laser ZE550kl 3gb ram variant took total 27 minutes to install Marshmallow update, and it got heated during installation.

Problems I encountered:

  • After First Boot, My battery decreased to 31% and None of my data was deleted but Default language was automatically changed to Hindi.So I changed it back to English.

AsusZenfone2 laser marshmallow (3)

  • I encountered many more error after first boot like “Could Not access file”, “Update Google play services” etc, etc. So it is must that you update all your applications from google play before using your device.

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  • “Could Not access file” was Because of permissions.So after giving proper permissions error was cleared :).

UI and features After Update

UI is almost the same except settings app and recent panel.

  • Now settings app provide different UI for some sections like Memory and storage section.


  • Volume UI is changed.

AsusZenfone2 laser marshmallow (12)

  • Some animations in Volume panel and drop down notifications are changed.
  • In Backup And reset Asus has added all new Network Settings Reset to reset network settings.


  • In Location, A new Bluetooth Scanning Feature is added which improve location by allowing system apps and services to detect Bluetooth Devices at any time. 😉


  • New Gestures: Asus has added some new Motion Gestures to Settings. To open them just navigate over to Settings app>Zenmotion>Motion Gestures. There you will find the whole bunch of new Gestures to play with.


  • Separate Google section is added to Settings containing Google settings.


  • “Skip the slider” option is added to lock screen settings.


  • New Advanced  Settings are added to apps Section in the settings app which contains many new features.

AsusZenfone2 laser marshmallow (10)

AsusZenfone2 laser marshmallow (11)

  • The Recent panel added boost in clear all option, so whenever you will clear all history of recent panel automatically boost will pop out.


Many more features are still left to be discovered so stay connected to see more features. 🙂


I haven’t found any lags while multitasking or switching between the apps.Even the performance is better than previous version 1.17.Ram management was also better than the previous build now I am getting more free ram too. I played many games all of them were working flawlessly. 🙂

AsusZenfone2 laser marshmallow (6)

Battery Performance

I have just updated the device, so I can’t tell about battery performance, but I can say it will be better than previous version 1.17.For proper battery performance I’ll charge my zenny to 100% then I will test the battery.

AsusZenfone2 laser marshmallow (7)


The Camera is almost same as the Previous version, 1.17(lollipop).I clicked many low light shots all of them were good.I must say the quality of the front camera is improved after the new Android 6.0 update.The camera app was not lagging at all.

AsusZenfone2 laser marshmallow (9)

Audio Output

AsusZenfone2 laser marshmallow (1)

Audio output is increased.Back speaker was louder than the previous build but it was breaking the sound barrier to give that barrier, I mean there was Distortion in sound in some songs.


  • Some users got a problem in double tap to wake up.Here is solution to that

Just go to settings>ZenMotion>Touch Gestures>Enable double tap to wake up 
and it will solve your problem

  • Some users got problem in Led notifications, here is solution to them

Just open settings>Display>turn on Led Indicator 🙂

If you are facing any other problem just Comment down below!!


Although I encountered many problems, Marshmallow update is worth to install.Performance is far-far better than the lollipop, and audio output is also good.Overall expecience is smooth!!You must install this update!!

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